By Mark Olshaker
April 2018

“I really like RAD projects,” declares Holly Bray, senior director of originations for Love Funding in Wash­ington, DC. “You’re in the weeds, helping authorities take their housing stocks and making them great. There are a lot of things to figure out and a lot of coordination. But the end result is truly rewarding.”

Her experience has shown her, however, that they are not an undertaking for the unwary or anyone uneducated in the complexities of the Rental Assistance Demonstration program process and procedures. “In school, I thought geometry was boring,” she recalls. “It was obvious how many sides and angles an object had. But I loved algebra – having to figure out all the unknowns. That’s what we’re doing here.”

Love Funding is a leading HUD lender, with more than 30 years of national experience in market-rate and affordable multifamily housing, healthcare, hospitals and senior housing facilities. Bray is also a National Housing & Rehabilitation Association board member and chair of the Arlington County, VA, Housing Commission.

Source: Tax Credit Advisor
Volume XXX No. 4


Holly Bray - Love Funding

Senior Director