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Love Funding is an experienced HUD lender serving clients across the country. We offer refinance, construction, rehabilitation & acquisition financing programs for multifamily & affordable housing, healthcare facilities & hospitals.

Love Funding Highlights

Affordable Multifamily Properties’ Mid-Life Crisis

Many of us appreciate the role that affordable apartment properties play in providing housing to Virginians who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it, but few genuinely understand what goes into preserving those meaningful living quarters in the state’s affordable housing supply. It’s an information gap that needs to be closed soon. Learn more.

Are Seniors Being Priced Out of Big Cities?

Priced out or willing to sacrifice? Seniors are now more likely to want to retire in a big city, but less likely to be able to afford it. Learn what Seniors Housing Finance Expert Bruce Gerhart has to say on

Love Funding Secures $17.5 Million Loan for First Mod Rehab RAD

Love Funding closed a $17.5 million loan for Broadway Townhomes, a 175-unit townhouse community in Camden, New Jersey, that is the first moderate rehabilitation project approved under a new national program to preserve affordable housing. The program allows proven financing tools to be applied to preserve and upgrade at-risk public and assisted housing, and provides for a long-term Section 8 rental assistance contract. Learn more. 

What About Rental Affordability?

Declining housing affordability has received a lot of attention over the past few years, and deservedly so. But while this challenge is well understood, declining rental affordability hasn’t been as much of a hot-button issue. By 2020, more than one million apartment projects backed by low-income housing tax credits (LIHTCs) will come to the end of their compliance periods, making them eligible for a return to market-rate rents. Learn more.

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